SHDA is one of the brands belonging to ShengKai machinery technology co. ltd. The company is located in Wenzhou, which is the fastest economic developing city in China. Wenzhou city is well known as a leading of China'sprivateeconomy in last 30 years. With the huge increasing of apparel market, ShengKai devoted to the industrial sewing machine producing and improving, mainly applicable for men's suit sewing, and also other sewing... [MORE]

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Address: No.27 Bali Road, Lucheng

Industrial Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang,China

GPS:N28 01'38.6" - E120 36'18.6"



Add: No.27 Bali Road, Lucheng Industrial Zone, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China GPS: N28 01'38.6"-E120 36'18.6"

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